My photography roots trace back to high school, where I spent hours in the darkroom developing black and white film as the yearbook photographer. After high school, I studied engineering at North Carolina State University and have worked as a Professional Engineer in Virginia and New York. Although the left side of my brain was being challenged through engineering, the right side was yearning to reconnect with people in a creative and expressive way. 

Enter headshots and portraits. My #1 goal is drawing real expression into my work by connecting with clients on a personal level, helping to shape and enhance their personal and professional brands. Everyone has sat through an uncomfortable photo session where you're asked to simply "smile" and it's over. The outcome of those photos can range from "meh" to flat out boring. But your headshot represents your brand - whether you're an actor looking for the first big break, an author releasing a new book, a professional itching for a new challenge who needs to put your best foot forward on LinkedIn and other channels, or maybe your latest Tinder picture to secure that next date. Your headshot is important, and the experience should be enjoyable.

When I'm not behind a camera, I'm most likely to be found walking around Brooklyn with my wife Marissa and golden retriever, Buddy.