Carriage House - Carova, NC

Located at the northern end of the Outer Banks, in an area only accessible by 4wd, is a project I recently photographed for the talented interior designer - Amy Hilliker Klebitz. The 1000 sf carriage house sat atop a 3 car garage, adjacent to the main vacation rental property. Last week the project was featured on Houzz and you can check out the adjacent link for more information about the design elements.

My favorite part of the project was the flow between the bedroom and the bathroom, and even beyond to the deck overlooking the dunes. For each of these shots I wanted to make sure that each space was featured yet offered the viewer a chance to move throughout room and on to the next space - to highlight that connectedness. 

Outer Banks Modern Bedroom
Outer Banks - Carova - Modern Bathroom - Fireplace
Outer Banks - NC - Modern Bathroom - Fireplace - Tub

Helix Sleep photoshoot with Amelie Mancini

"So would you like to shoot a couple hanging out on their mattress?" That was the message I received from Alisa Sheridan of Smalls Girls PR. That sounded interesting however the first question that popped into my head was 'what are they going to be doing on the mattress?' Alisa then told me it was just going to be more of a lifestyle shoot for Helix Sleep, showcasing the mattress within the setting of the bedroom. This photoshoot was fun for me because it provided an opportunity to combine my interior photography with my portrait photography. 

Amelie Mancini and her husband, Rami Metal were the (expecting)couple featured in the shoot. Amelie is an uber talented artist and textile designer from France, now operating her business in Brooklyn and Rami is the director of strategic engagement for the NYCDOT. You can check out Amelie's work here. As evident in the photos below, their cat Ladybird, was not camera shy and spent some time hamming it up for the camera. As an animal lover, I've never been opposed to letting pets have their moment to shine in front of the camera. 

Helix Sleep used the photos for their blog post - In bed with Amelie Mancini.

The Firefly in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Located on Bastimentos island in Bocas del Toro is the Eco bed and breakfast called The Firefly. Lauren and Ryan, the owners of The Firefly, turned what was originally just a single home nestled in the jungle just steps from the Caribbean into one of a kind accommodations that now includes a bar and restaurant, bungalows, an infinity pool, and a yoga studio. The goal of the shoot was to provide The Firefly with images of the rooms, bar and restaurant, and a hero twilight shot of the new pool and bungalow. 


The twilight photograph of the bungalow shown above was the shot I had in mind before even arriving in Panama. The light painting method used for shooting this twilight image I learned from a Los Angeles photographer named Mike Kelley ( Light painting entails using any form of light to illuminate a scene with the quantity and quality of light that is desired. In the video below, I'm shown individually lighting the scene with a handheld flash. Post-capture, all the images are brought into photoshop where masks are used to reveal the desired lighting. It is a very labor intensive and time-consuming method but the results are worth the effort.